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2013 Releases from Pop Detective Records

Hailing from Scotland, The Headboys' debut album made quite a splash with the hit "The Shape of Things to Come". But shortly after that success....the band disappeared, never to be heard from again!! Until now!! THIRTY THREE YEARS LATER comes the news that a second album was recorded shortly after their debut....BUT WAS NEVER RELEASED!

The Headboys "The Lost Album" contains 10 tracks recorded for a follow-up album to their debut....but was never released!! Also included is a 34 page booklet jammed packed with the entire Headboys story plus tons of rare pictures! This album is dedicated to the memory of Davy Ross, Headboys drummer, who passed away in 2010.

USA/ Canada $15 (includes shipping)

The rest of the World $18

Brand New Digital Single from The Deadbeat Poets!
Take a trip back to 1963 where The Deadbeat Poets find themselves transported to a variety show stage performing as "Johnny Sincere"! Complete with screaming, frenzied girls.....The Deadbeat Poets take you on a rocking ride through rock and roll history! PLAY IT LOUD!!!

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2012 Releases from Pop Detective Records

"American Stroboscope" "Dumb Me Down"

2011 releases from Pop Detective Records


Limited first pressing CD/EP   
Numbered, Limited edition 7
inch vinyl (random colors)
w/ CD Copy
Numbered, Limited edition
"Official Bootleg" featuring
tracks not selected for
"Circus Town" plus remixes
of the best from "Notes"
2010 Pop Detective Records Releases

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